SarahThe aim of “Boo” is to help children of Africa disadvantaged through economic poverty. We provide help in a variety of ways, including food, shelter, health, education, life-skills and emotional support.

The overriding ethos of “Boo” will always be to provide “Opportunity not Charity”. As one orphaned youngster we met on our first trip to Kenya said “Don’t just give me a fish, teach me how to fish.”

Boo is a very low cost charity being run by the Trustee’s and a team of volunteers. This enables us to use all your money on our projects, which directly help the children who really need it.

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The Boo Ride Team 2016

The Boo Ride 2016: The Italian Job

It was clear to see the immense challenge that the Boo Ride men’s team had undertaken for this years Charity Ride. Although the 500-mile challenge from Nice to Rome had been well prepared for – the 9 riders racked up some 20,000 miles in training beforehand – the ride wasn’t without it’s issues. The sweltering […]

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ride 2016

Boo Representatives Prepare for Latest Cycling Challenge

Training is well underway for the charity cycle event held annually to fundraise for our supported projects here at Boo. Our supporters and trustees are currently racking up the miles in training for the upcoming 450 mile cycle challenge from Nice to Rome. This wouldn’t be the first time the group have donned their Lycra […]

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Seed of Hope Provides Many with Opportunity

The Seed of Hope project in Nyamache, Kisii, continues to offer opportunity and provide long-term prospects through vocational training, life skills, and micro-business skills thanks to our generous supporters. Many students at the centre would not have had the opportunity to attend secondary school and were exposed to high-risk situations which include child marriage, prostitution […]

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