Our funded Life Skills Centre is Kisii continues to equip students with the skills and knowledge to become qualified and successful people. Many graduates from our Life Skills Centre set up their own businesses with thanks to the education and support received. The Agribusiness course has enabled students to make a difference to the local community too.

Alongside the standard curriculum of Maths, English, Kiswahili and Personal Hygiene, students are offered vocational skills in areas such as dressmaking, cooking and agriculture. It is these real-life skills that are the key to our student’s success and have seen such positive impacts within the local community.

For many people in rural Kenya, farming is very much a way of life. However, most practice subsistence farming, growing just enough to feed their families, with little or no surplus for trade. Often, many farmers do not possess adequate knowledge to grow enough to feed their families or earn a living from these efforts. This is part of the reason our agribusiness course at the Life Skills Centre is so important.


Our Agribusiness teacher, Rogers, has transformed the farmland at Nyamache. Teachers in the past had little success growing crops to supplement the school’s feeding programme, and local farmers had once thought that cabbages couldn’t be grown in the area. Students have now grown over 700 cabbages and the neighbouring farmers have been visiting the Life Skills Centre centre to learn their techniques!

The recent addition of our funded greenhouse has meant that increased yield and the growing of a variety of vegetables is now possible. Tomatoes and peppers will be grown in the new term – these will then be harvested and sold in the local community, with all proceeds being reinvested in Life Skills Centre.

The Agribusiness course has proven its ability to transform farming practices in the local area and equip students with the skills to sustain themselves. Our funding has shown that a relatively small amount makes a huge difference and truly transforms lives. Thank you to our partners at Vision Africa and our generous supporters, without whom this would not be possible.

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