The Boo Charity needs your help right now! We cannot ignore the impending impact on developing countries such as Kenya in Africa amidst this coronavirus disaster.

Last month all Boo’s volunteers in Kenya and in the UK were forced to halt any projects and refocus efforts to the Boo Fund a Food Parcel program set up to combat the Covid-19 crisis. The closure of schools and charity funded educational programs such as the ones supported by The Boo Charity has been devastating to the children who rely on these projects for their daily meal. This coupled with social distancing has had a devasting impact on the poorest communities who were already struggling to find work to support their families.

The following video was posted on the CNN news site recently it truly depicts the despair the battle for food and basic supplies these people in Nairobi, Kenya’s poorest slum, people who were already suffering from starvation now face amidst this pandemic.

Our Head Co-Ordinator Elisha sent this urgent letter of appeal last month from Nairobi. Whilst we have already averted 100’s of families getting into further dire situations via the Boo Fund a Food Parcel, we can do even more with your help.
We urgently need volunteers who have time & skills available now. If you have ANY time to spare The Boo Charity needs your HELP now! Whatever your skillset, however much time you can spare. #BooNeedsYou!

There are so many ways you can help The Boo Charity from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in making a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves please, email:

We need to raise awareness of our charity so we can help more families via the Boo Fund a Food Parcel and look to resume our various projects that have been placed on hold due to the closure of schools in Kenya as soon as we are allowed to.

You can make a difference today! Please, get in touch now.

One of our main points of focus is to deliver communication, social media and journalism to help us campaign and increase awareness of our zero-admin charity and raise much-needed funds so we can do even more to help Kenyan communities who are desperate need.


It takes seconds and would mean the world to the communities Boo supports and their team of volunteers. To share this post quickly on a mobile device, look for the white share icon in a blue background at the bottom left of your screen or on laptop click one of the icons in the middle of the screen on the left-hand side. If you could include #BooNeedsYou in your post too that would be greatly appreciated.

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