Like many young people in Kenya, Davina did not have the opportunity to go to secondary school. She grew up in Borangi PAG area in Nyationgongo Village, with her parents and younger siblings, in a home full of love, but little income. At the time her only career option was to move to Nairobi and become a housekeeper so that she could earn money to support herself and her family. Luckily, Davina heard about the Nyamache Life Skills Centre through a friend and decided to enrol at the school and try to gain a qualification instead.

In 2018, Davina received her qualification in Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing.

After receiving her qualifications, and with the support of her parents, Davina was able to start her own business in her local community. Her Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing business has gone from strength-to-strength and the impact of her qualifications, determination and hard work has made a huge difference in her community and family life.

As Davina can financially support her family with the income from her business, her younger sister can now go to secondary school – an opportunity that Davina never had herself. She can also support the education of her two younger brothers. Instead of having to live far away and move to Nairobi, Davina is able to live at home. She can see her family whenever she would like to and stay close to her younger siblings, seeing them learn and grow as they continue their education. None of this would have been possible without the income that Davina now earns.

In an area where women are often considered as homemakers, Davina has established herself as a qualified entrepreneur with a thriving business and is admired and respected by the whole community.

Davina’s story demonstrates that by giving young people the tools to escape from poverty, they can thrive and make a real difference in their communities. We can’t wait to see what Davina does next and the whole team at Boo Charity are incredibly proud and in awe of her achievements.

When you support one child’s education, you can give a whole family an opportunity to escape from poverty. So, become a friend of Boo today and help to give more young people the opportunities that they deserve, so that they can be the people who change their families lives.

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