Boo pledged it’s support to the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres in 2015. The four schools, located in Nyamwanga, Kibera, Kendara and Busire desperately needed help to provide uniforms, learning materials (including text books) and clothing to their students. With many children in rural areas attending school at around 6 or 7 years old, we recognised the necessity of supporting young people through education and a feeding programme, giving them greater opportunity where before there had been very little.

The story of Busire’s ECD project started many years before Boo initiated support. In 2004, Mr and Mrs Packard (pictured below at The Boo Ball 2016 with Boo trustee Mark Northey) along with our partners at Vision Africa, visited Busire to find that the school’s support structure was crumbling. It became imperative to seek additional donors who would later help with the build of 6 classrooms and a full lunch programme.

Trustee, Mark Northey, with  Reverend and Mrs. Packard - in partnership with Vision Africa

The ECD population grew due to the vast number of orphaned and vulnerable children in the community. In 2015, we upped our fundraising efforts and pledged support to the four ECD centres; we wanted to give the best possible opportunities to each child.

Proceeds from The Boo Ball 2015 meant we are able to commit to annual funding of the ECD projects to a total of £18,400. This support extends to a feeding programme of fortified porridge to all ECD children, outdoor toys & equipment and learning materials.

It costs a little over £4 a month to support a child at our ECD centres – such a small amount that makes a world of difference to each young life. We are humbled knowing that this would not be possible without the kindness of our supporters.

Thanks to our supporters, so far this year we have:

• Donated school uniforms, including shoes and jumpers, to 120 children
• Sponsored the purchase of further teaching and learning materials
• Given all ECD children lunch and 11 O’clock snacks

We are so proud of the successes achieved so far from our funding. The impact this has had on the school and community is astounding and will continue our efforts to sustain this success. We are pleased to say that these children are now able to have a full day’s learning and are guaranteed a hot nourishing meal every day, a necessity once deemed a luxury.

To help us continue our support through education to ECD projects like Busire, you can become our friend. Find out more about our ECD projects here.

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