This is a recent update received from Elisha Abuonji, Head Coordinator for The Boo Charity in Kenya. The photos were taken at the KIMMTA Centre on the 4th June 2020 which has been opened so the Boo Fund A Food Parcel could provide a vital lifeline for the children and their families until the Kenyan Government reopens the schools again.

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you Boo! We are so very grateful for the support of The Boo Charity and its supporters have been offering to the vulnerable children and their families in Kenya now more than ever as we are faced by the challenge that is the COVID-19 crisis.

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has meant our already struggling infrastructure has been brought to its knees by this very unfortunate situation. Due to the lack of working hospitals and running water, combined with people sharing lavatories we are working against all odds to protect our communities. The government has closed all the schools meaning children of all ages must stay home in small shanties, wash hands when water is lacking and wear face masks which most cannot afford, the challenges are unimaginable.

Kibera, where I live, is the largest slum in Nairobi with a population nearing one million, the majority are living on less than £1 a day, people survive on manual labour and odd jobs which were hard to come by before the Coronavirus crisis as the economy of the country is not favourable and no next to impossible because of social distancing.

COVID-19 cases are on the rise (confirmed cases today is 105) in Kibera and our fear is that the government may impose a lockdown very soon. There is a very high chance of the disease spreading rapidly and getting out of hand in the slums.

The shanties are very humid during the day and extremely cold at night, average families range from 4 to 7 members, in a room measuring approximately 10 feet by 10 feet. The KIMMTA centre in Kibera is just one of the educational facilities that The Boo Charity supports and runs on your generous donations. They provide essential support to our communities in Kibera, Nyamache, Nyamwanga, Busire and Kandara which our government is not providing us.

Whilst all educational programs are currently on hold, we have been allowed to use the centres as food distribution points. On the 4th of June, we distributed food parcels, sanitary towels and face masks. A total number of 23 after school children received their family parcels, we spread out the various classes over the month to avoid crowding at the centre. The distribution itself is a challenge as it must be done in a clandestine manner to avoid the whole community coming for food at the centre because they are so desperate.

The children and families who received food today were extremely happy and so appreciative for the food parcels. They asked me to pass on their gratitude and pray that the distribution continues as otherwise without your support the families we support face going without food.

Whilst the look of joy is wonderful and worth all the struggle it doesn’t last long before sadly you see the look of fear in the children’s eyes as they know walking home with the parcels which will attract the attention of hungry neighbours who more than likely will be uninvited guests at their homes stretching food already rationed even farther.

Every recipient is so grateful, hopes the support will be sustained and prays that the COVID-19 pandemic may go away quickly for normalcy to resume as life is now at a standstill.

Thank you for the continued support and God bless you.


On behalf of everyone The Boo Charity supports and all our volunteers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support over the years and for following our journey. Thank you for reading this update, please share on social media to help us raise awareness of our zero-admin organisation and if you can please make a donation, every pound donated will directly on supplies for the Boo Fund a Food Parcel program until when the schools are reopened.

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