Boo has funded a month’s supply of sanitary towels for 70 girls in Life Skills Centre and committed to continue providing them on an on-going basis. It is a topic often not talked about but it has a major impact in East Africa, as in this region menstruation is one of the biggest reasons why adolescent girls miss school. According to Femme International, in Kenya, girls will miss an average of 4 days of school each month, adding up to about 20% of the school year as a result of the limited access these girls have to sanitary pads. There is a lack of knowledge altogether about the changes girls face during puberty, perpetuating embarrassment, discomfort and a lack of proper hygiene.

Girls in Kenya will skip school days or go home early due to the unsuitable cloths they use as a substitute to sanitary pads. Sometimes these girls are even exploited or abused for simply trying to find means to buy menstrual health provision. The provision of the sanitary towels is of extreme value for the teenage girls and hopefully will have a direct effect on their attendance and self-esteem.

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