The Boo Charity is excited to announce the release of Tara Howard‘s first single ‘Matter of the Mind’ this morning on Amazon.


All the net proceeds from this single are kindly being donated to Boo so every penny raised will make a real difference and we need your help to raise as much money as possible.

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You can download the single from 8.30am on Tuesday 4th September. Please help us get it to number 1 by downloading and sharing as soon as you can. We’ll be updating this post to include a download link as soon as it becomes available so please keep checking back!


‘Matter of the Mind’

Mistress of mind over matter, Tara has teamed up with Roy Smoothe an international, bestselling producer and publisher to create a motivational single about empowerment, building self-esteem, developing kickass confidence and starting a journey of success. Tara shared

“Having run the Venus Awards for nearly 10 years, often I see so much potential wasted due to a lack of confidence. It’s only ourselves that holds us back – if we can unlock the chains holding us back and instead find the wings so we can fly in the knowledge that anything is possible then we are destined for success.”

Tara’s CD takes us on a flight of possibility and lands us in the valley of opportunity. It really is all a matter of the mind!

About Tara Howard

On the path to becoming a best-selling artist, a former pilot and high-flying entrepreneur, Tara is a vivaciously inspirational role model, mother & founder of the Venus Movement, Venus Awards and Venus Business School. Her mission is to nurture change and enhance the status of women in the UK and across the globe.


Why Tara Supports Boo

“I love Boo – they realise that in order to make girls and women’s lives better it’s essential to educate not only the girls but the boys. Every penny they raise goes directly to the cause meaning 0% goes to admin or running costs. You hear of some of the national charities where only 2 percent goes to the actual cause so its refreshing and reassuring to know the money goes where it should.”

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Why The Boo Charity Needs You!

‘Providing opportunity not just charity’ to disadvantaged children in Africa. This zero admin cost charity is run by the Trustees and a team of dedicated volunteers who offer support to the communities in Africa’s largest slum, Kibera in Kenya.

People living in Kibera face poverty daily. The average wage is less than $1 a day which means the $0.82 needed per child per day for education is sadly an unaffordable luxury for most people who already have very little or often no access to electricity, running water or medical care.

The Boo Charity offers humanitarian relief via projects which include the provision of food, shelter, healthcare, education, life-skills and emotional support. The overriding ethos of ‘Boo’ is to provide children with care, whilst nurturing and developing opportunities to lift them from poverty so they become self-sufficient and no longer need to rely on charity.

We understand that you have a whole host of matters on your mind but if you could take the time to download and share ‘Matter of the Mind’ now, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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