Kibera is the largest slum in Africa. Sadly, the people that live here face extreme poverty on a consistent basis, where earning less than $1.00 a day is commonplace. There is very little government funding in these impoverished communities, with only a minority of people having access to electricity, running water or medical care and education is sadly an unaffordable luxury costing $0.82 per child per day.

Boo Charity has partnered with KIMTA to support some of Kenya’s poorest children and their families living in the slums through education and life coaching.

KIMTA provide Early Child Education (ECD) and Feeding Programme at The Rotary Education Centre, which is funded solely by donations from sponsors and support from volunteers. They also run a Soccer Academy and a Sanitary Towel Programme alongside their After-School Programs. All of these are crucial to a community where many of the underprivileged children come from single parent families, have parents suffering from addiction, or living with HIV.

The After-School Programs address the issues of crime, violence and substance abuse, encouraging the children to attend school and to behave in a respectful manner. They discourage them from drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, premarital sex while educating the youths about the dangers of unprotected sex including disease, unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

Over the last few years, Boo Charity has introduced a football tournament to help engage the impoverished youth and prevent them from the aforementioned perils.

The Kenyan education system is such that there are three vacation months; April, August and December. Boo and KIMTA organise the football tournament during one of these months.

The football tournament is split into 4 categories; boys under 13 years, girls under 13 years, boys 13-17 years and girls 13-17 years. The tournament engages counsellors to talk passionately to the youths about the dangers of dropping out of school, listen to the problems they are facing and offer guidance.

Parents from across the community are attracted to watch the football tournament and we, the organisers, take the opportunity to counsel them on the need for education as a tool to address the challenges of the slum.

The 2017 tournament attracted more than 3,000 participants and the impact has seen a massive influx of parents seeking vacancies for their children. The result is a rise in young people registering in various formal education centres within the Kibera slum.

We seek to achieve even more this year.

This year the tournament will begin on 13 August and run through until 18 August.

We welcome our partners to attend if possible.


Coaching Circle – Kibera Football Tournament 2017


Pre Match Pep Talk – Kibera Football Tournament 2017


Watching on the Sidelines – Kibera Football Tournament 2017


Post Match Smiles – Kibera Football Tournament 2017


KIMTA Feeding Programme – The Rotary Education Centre


The Rotary Education Centre – KIMTA Feeding Programme


KIMTA Sanitary Towel Programme


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