The new kitchen build is progressing well, with work hoping to be completed over the holidays. This means that by the start of the new term it will return to a busy cooking facility!

The kitchen is situated within the complex of the Life Skills Centre, run by our partners Vision Africa, where students are provided with education and nourishment. Just a few months ago the kitchen was made from iron sheets which meant space became very smoky when cooking– this was affecting the taste of the food and was very uncomfortable to work in.

Nyamache stove before  Kitchen before

Many children came to school without having eaten so the centre was striving to feed their students every day, sufficing by cooking on a three-stone fire. Alongside Vision Africa, BOOs support has ensured the new kitchen will be hygienic and more environmentally friendly – energy-saving stoves (called jikos) will be fitted which reduces the smoke and will create a cleaner cooking environment!

Nyamache not only gives the opportunity for education but also ensures that students are fed. Now the children have the best chance of learning thanks to the fantastic efforts of those involved with the Life Skills Centre and kitchen build; students can better concentrate on their education, and with the kitchen space improving, we can provide even more support to the centre.

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