In one of our Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres, in Kibera, it was recently identified that the floor on the upper level needed some serious attention. The previous floor had completely broken up leaving the children at risk from cutting themselves and also, much more seriously, at risk from Jiggers. These are very nasty parasitic sand fleas found in sandy terrains of warm, dry climates that cause serious sores and significant discomfort for humans on their feet and hands. They are a real problem in slum areas, and has a real impact on infected children and their ability to learn. Through Boo’s help and support, the floor has been completely replaced, making it safer, cleaner and more comfortable for the children.

In addition, in the same ECD and with the help of Boo supporters, 3 new computers have been purchased for the after school club.

The next step is to improve the toilet facilities at the ECD centre, which are in poor condition. If you can help, or you know a company who may be able to, please get in contact. You will see your input translated into action within days and as always we ensure 100% of your money goes directly to the project.

New floor for Kimmta ECD1

New floor for Kimmta ECD Centre2

new computers as Kimmta ECD


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