Kibera Mpira Mtanni

The Boo Charity has recently begun supporting a football club initiative run by Kibera Mpira Mtanni (KIMTA). KIMTA are based in Kibira, a renowned slum in Nairobi, home to over 1 million people.

KIMTA use football as a tool to connect with the youth of Kibera and educate them on a variety of subjects, including; HIV and AIDS, the importance of education, reproductive health and alternatives to crime.

KIMTA has a number of dedicated coaches who also act as role models to the children. These coaches also teach at the schools and coach sports workshops whilst providing a way for the children to participate in sport without cost. There is a set of rules that the children have to abide by to be able to play. These encourage them not to smoke or drink alcohol, to attend school and to generally behave in a good and respectable manner.

We believe that this is a fantastic initiative which gives these children role models and inspiration through the use of sport.

To learn more about KIMTA, visit their website.

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