St Andrews Baby Unit


St Andrews Baby Unit is a seven-year-old project initiated by Vision Africa and supported by Boo within the grounds of Kandara Children’s Home. The unit was created to provide a safe environment for babies and young children in the local area who have been orphaned or abandoned. They will be cared for and looked after by our devoted team of experienced carers until we are able to find a loving family who wish to adopt them.

The baby unit was originally a government rescue hope before being taken over by Vision Africa in 2007. When Boo trustees Russell Hicks and Jenny Kendall visited the project in early 2013 they discovered that they were struggling slightly in terms of funding this particular project, so Boo decided to step in and help.


Our programme of sponsorship for St Andrews has been designed to sponsor a cot rather than a specific child as we hope they will not have an extended stay with us, as they will be found a family to adopt them. For just £16 per month your money can do much towards providing the children with everything they need in order to remain happy and healthy.

What’s been done

Since Boo have been involved with the baby unit, we’ve already seen much improvement in the day-to-day running of the project. New dedicated members of staff have been recruited in the roles of Children’s Care Manager and Play Worker who are doing some fantastic work and the standard of care in the environment is constantly getting better.

The baby unit was the focus of the 2013 Boo Ball and during the event we told our supporters of our plans to further support and develop the project. We were able to raise £22,000 towards the unit which was a much higher figure than we had expected.

Future Plans

The baby unit continues to be one of our key projects and Boo continue to provide Vision Africa with support in their running of the project. The money Boo are able to raise for this particular cause enables us to support the running costs of the baby unit and to continually improved the standard of care for the babies.


The Boo organization has already made a huge impact on the lives of children in Kenya. However still over 2 million children go without food, clean water and most importantly education every day. Many have no parents due to the plight of AIDS and many die through neglect.

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