Providing a safe environment for orphaned and abandoned babies and young children, the St Andrews Baby Unit has seen many successes since it’s build in 2007 by our partners Vision Africa.

In March 2014 Angel arrived at the Unit having been abandoned at just 3 days old. According to local Police, a group of men had heard a baby crying and tracked down the cries to a bundle of clothing under a tree in a busy shopping centre; within that bundle lay a new born baby. The baby’s discovery was reported to the police, and as the only recognised home within Murang’a Country that provides shelter and care to abandoned babies, the County Children’s Officer recommended she be taken to St Andrew’s Baby Unit.

Angel was immediately welcomed into the Baby Unit, and despite many efforts to locate her biological family, the search proved fruitless. However, in December 2015 Angel was given the ultimate gift – she was adopted by a wonderful family who instantly fell for her loving personality. Angel was welcomed into her new family in time for Christmas.

Angel Toddler v2    ph_grid7_4104_58725

It’s amazing to know that just £16 a month provided Angel with everything she needed to remain healthy and happy. The daily running of the St Andrews Baby Unit has come such a long way thanks to BOO’s donations and continually improves the standard of care for babies and young children.

As one of our Key Projects, we are continuing to provide Vision Africa with support in running the Baby Unit. You can read more about the project here, support our fundraising efforts by becoming our friend, or getting in contact to see how you can help us achieve opportunities for abandoned and orphaned babies and young children.

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