It was clear to see the immense challenge that the Boo Ride men’s team had undertaken for this year’s Charity Ride. Although the 500-mile challenge from Nice to Rome had been well prepared for – the 9 riders racked up some 20,000 miles in training beforehand – the ride wasn’t without its issues. The sweltering heat was unlike anything experienced in the UK, and a technical fault led to one cyclist falling from his bike. However, the riders soon got back into their stride and completed the ride in style.

The ride raised an astonishing £8,000 which will directly support children in Kenya through our funded projects. We will be able to continue our support to the Life Skills Centre, St Andrews Baby Unit, ECD centres and KIMTA. Although there are many projects to support, we are able to achieve so much – a little really does go a long way. We are proud of being a charity that runs without overheads, meaning that every penny raised provides children and young people with safety, care and the opportunity to flourish.


The money raised from last year’s Boo Ride provided uniforms, lunches and resources to young students at Life Skills Centre. This gave children the opportunity to learn in a safe environment and the educational resources to develop their learning. The Life Skills Centre also provides lunches, often the only meal these young people will have all day. Thanks to the supporters of the Boo Ride, these children are getting the best possible start in life.

Our men’s team cyclists were incredibly resilient throughout the 5-day challenge, scaling 3,000 ft and burning 30,000 calories! The ladies team weren’t put off by these statistics and have already completed their ride through the hills of Majorca! You can see their journey via our Facebook page.

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