The Story

Giving the children of Africa 'Opportunity not just Charity'.

Why do we exist?

Sarah Hicks (known as ‘Boo’ to friends and family) lost her battle to cancer in October 2002 at the age of 36. Sarah was a gentle, determined and caring person, with a wonderful spirit.

Sarah showed vast amounts of strength and drive throughout her later years as she searched for alternative treatment for her illness in Kenya. During that time she made many friends who were touched by the compassion and love she had for those less fortunate than herself. The impact Sarah had on countless people’s lives is hard to put into words.

Sarah would be proud to know that little more than ten years after her passing she has left an extraordinary legacy in Kenya which has helped provide a future for over 600 young ladies through the development of valuable life skills. This has led to some amazing stories of incredible young people coming out of poverty to establish their own successful businesses and enterprises. By helping children and young adults in a sustainable way the ‘Boo’ charity has made Sarah’s wish come true.

During Sarah’s time in Kenya she was touched by the emotion by two such young people Amos & Elisha.

Read more the story of these incredible young people: Elisha’s Story

Who we are

The ‘Boo’ charity has been established in Sarah’s memory to help her visions  become a reality. The charity has five trustees, including Sarah’s husband Russell Hicks along with good friends Jeremy Kendall, Lou Squires, Jenny Kendal and Simon White.

Volunteers Mark Northey, Lou Squires, Michelle Westfield, Wendy Grace and Lydia Strand provide the trustees with their support. Our charity operates with zero overhead costs. The trustees and volunteers own businesses absorb the minimum expenses.

The registered charity number: 1100519

What we stand for

The aim of Boo is to help African children who are disadvantaged through economic poverty. Projects include the provision of food, shelter, healthcare, education, life-skills and emotional support.  The overriding principle and ethos of Boo is to provide children with care, whilst nurturing and developing opportunities to lift them from poverty so that they no longer need to rely on charity.

Boo is a virtual, internet based, low running cost charity.  We have no processes that incur unnecessary costs, as this would divert money away from the children who need it the most. We believe in rewarding our supporters with openness and transparency in respect of all of our processes, operations and administration costs.


Boo has already made a huge impact on the lives of children in Kenya. However, over 2 million children still go without food, clean water and most importantly education every day. We have the power to change lives, thorough education, empowerment and creating employment opportunities. Please help us make a difference, one person at a time. 

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