Boo Needs You!

Now more than ever, The Boo Charity needs you! Our main man on the ground, Elisha sent this harrowing message days ago about the COVID-19 crisis in Kenya to Daisy Russell who only returned a matter of weeks ago from volunteering for a month at various projects in preparation for making a documentary. The team where due to shoot this documentary next month, sadly these plans have been haulted for the foreseeable future as all our volunteers focus on the emergency aid requirements desperately needed by so many. Thank you for taking the time to read this:

“Dear Daisy,

Am not sending you this info to Harass you but just to bring you to speed on the way things are in Kenya with specific reference to Kibera.

The government has curtailed movements, we are to keep social distance from each other in order to stop the spread of the epidemic, fine we all want the spread to stop.

Our government has not provided any help, you once travelled in the public service vehicle with me and realized first hand how crowded and chaotic they are/were, now the vehicles must reduce the number of passengers in line with keeping the social distance, this worsened already dire situation of bus fare which then doubled.

All kibera residents must leave their humble adobe to work/ look for work, then bring something home in the evening,

Take it that they obey the requirements of not moving and stays at home/ in the house, single room, dim during the day, very humid with a family of 4/5/6(approximately), no food, children crying of hunger, cannot go to play football or go out to visit neighbors.

The situation is terrible Daisy, this is just the second week of the disaster with 28 confirmed cases out of which only three are local, leaving 25 imported cases.
We are told the virus takes 2 to 3 weeks incubation period.
Am just trying to imagine how many cases are out there or when the incubation period is ripe……

The situation is worsened by poverty and ignorance, our people must go out and fend for the families,

We are left at the mercy of God, the government has just announced a curfew starting Friday, am trying to imagine how our parents/ families are going to cope.

The situation is worse Beyond expression in Towns, rural Kenya where we have families are bit well as they can venture outside in their gardens/shambas and till land or do something productive.
The most urgent requirements at the moment is feeding our suffering/ starving families/ children.

Thank you, am writing to let you know the situation as it is.


As you can see the situation is critical and we need your help to help these families in desperate need of a vital lifeline. The Boo Charity has set up the Fund a Food Parcel project to help with emergency aid. Please click the link to find out more about how you can help NOW!


Boo Needs You!

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