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Nyamache Life Skills centre

Fully funded by Boo, this Life Skills Centre offers 5 training courses to young people in need.


Based in the heart of Kibera, Africa's largest slum is our long standing ECD centre. Providing primary education to over 150 of the poorest children in the neighbourhood.


Supporting two rural ECDs in Nyamwanga and Busire, providing primary education and a feeding program to over 400 students.

Kibera Homework and football program

Supporting a football club initiative run by Kibera Mpira Mtanni (KIMTA), holding regular football matches and tournaments.

Boo News

Fund a Food Parcel – Kenya Update

Fund a Food Parcel – Kenya Update

This is a recent update received from Elisha Abuonji, Head Coordinator for The Boo Charity in Kenya. The photos were taken at the KIMMTA Centre on the 4th June 2020 which has been opened so the Boo Fund A Food Parcel could provide a vital lifeline for the children and...

Star Tech Superstars – It’s club-bering time!

Star Tech Superstars – It’s club-bering time!

In 2017, Matt Peacock, Managing Director of Star Tech Ltd, a Poole based independent automotive specialist in BMW, Mercedes, Mini and Smart Cars, entered a team into the Boo Charity Golf Day. After learning more about the various projects The Boo Charity supports Matt...

‘Chaos’ in Kenyan slum as Covid-19 takes toll – CNN Footage

‘Chaos’ in Kenyan slum as Covid-19 takes toll – CNN Footage

The Boo Charity needs your help right now! We cannot ignore the impending impact on developing countries such as Kenya in Africa amidst this coronavirus disaster. Last month all Boo’s volunteers in Kenya and in the UK were forced to halt any projects and refocus...


The aim of “Boo” is to help children of Africa disadvantaged through economic poverty. We provide help in a variety of ways, including food, shelter, health, education, life-skills and emotional support.

The overriding ethos of “Boo” will always be to provide “Opportunity not Charity”. As one orphaned youngster we met on our first trip to Kenya said “Don’t just give me a fish, teach me how to fish.”

Boo is a very low cost charity being run by the Trustee’s and a team of volunteers. This enables us to use all your money on our projects, which directly help the children who really need it.


Boo has already made a huge impact on the lives of children in Kenya. However, over 2 million children still go without food, clean water and most importantly education every day. We have the power to change lives, thorough education, empowerment and creating employment opportunities. Please help us make a difference, one person at a time. 

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